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These mouth-watering dishes are marinated in yogurt, herbs and exotic oriental spices, then cooked in the tandoor (clay oven) and served hot with a fresh side of salad. Practically no fat is used to cook any tandoori dished, so a tandoori dish, is ‘gods gift’ to the weight watchers.




Namaste Mixed Starter£11.75
King prawn, fish tikka, tandoori chops, reshmi kebab served with nan.


Tandoori Mixed£10.75
Tandoori chicken, boti kebab, chicken tikka and seekh kebab served with nan.



Marinated in spices with fresh onions and capsicums.
King prawn, lamb, tandoori chops, chicken
King Prawn£12.50
Tandoori Chops£8.90


Tandoori Specialty Starter

Marinated in spiced yogurt and barbecued.
ChickenFull £6.95
1/2  £3.75
FishFull £7.90
1/2  £4.25
PaneerFull £7.25
Duck (sizzler)Full £8.75
Rani ChickenFull £6.90
1/2  £4.25
Fried chicken breast stuffed with onions, fresh coriander and a touch of herbs and spices.


Chicken Pakoda£7.50
Sliced chicken breast coated in a special batter.



Marinated in yogurt with herbs and spices then barbecued in a flaming charcoal oven.
ChickenFull £6.90
1/2  £3.75
Tandoori ChopsFull £8.75
1/2  £4.50
FishFull £7.75
1/2  £4.25
King Prawn£12.50



Seasoned with Eastern herbs and thoroughly cooked in a charcoal oven.
ReshmiFull £7.50
1/2  £3.95
SeekhFull £7.50
1/2  £3.95
BotiFull £7.50
1/2  £3.95
KidneyFull £7.50
1/2  £3.95